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Gasil(Naksan) Catholic Church was established in 1895 as the 11th parish of the Chosun (= Korea) diocese. The first pastor was Rev. C. Pailhasse of the Paris Foreign Mission Society, the first group of missionaries to work in Korea. The present church and the old rectory were built during the years 1922-1924. Since 1953 members of the Benedictine Abbey in Waegwan were assigned as pastors to the parish. Naksan is a rural place where most people are making a living by growing rice or vegetables. - There is a memorial near the entrance of the church which is dedicated to a martyr, Seong Sung-kyo, and his family who lived here long before the parish was started. - Naksan(Gasil) Catholic Church has about 500 members. The door of our church is always open. Everybody is invited to come and to pray.

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Address : Catholic Church Gasil
Waegwan Gyongbuk 39912 South Korea

☏ (054)976-1102 FAX (054)977-2077
E-mail : gasil@tgcatholic.or.kr


천주교 가실성당 : [39912] 경상북도 칠곡군 왜관읍 가실1길 1   전화 : 054) 976-1102   FAX : 054) 977-7020

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