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위치 왜관 - 금남 - 동곡 방향 (지방도로 67번)으로 7km.
버스 왜관 남부 정류장에서 ‘0’번이나 ‘250’번 버스를 타시면 됩니다. (금 남 - 동곡 방향); 15분이 걸립니다.
출발시간: 07:50; 08;20; 11:00; 13:40; 16:00; 17:25; 18:30; 19:00;
택시 왜관 - 가실성당 택시요금: 7.000원. 기차역에서나 버스 정류장에서 택시들이 보통 기다리고 있습니다.
자가용 왜관 IC에서 대구 방향, 500 m 후에 우회전, 왜관 공업단지에 들어가서 끝(삼거리)까지 가다가 좌회전, 2,7 km 후에 가실(낙산)성당의 이정표가 보입니다
site 7 km south of Waegwan on the road no. 67
by bus from the southern(‘nambu’) Bus Terminal in Waegwan by bus no. ‘0’ or ‘250’ in the direction of Kumnam; it's a 15 minutes ride.
- Buses leave at the following hours:
07:30, 08:00, 09:30, 13:00, 13:30, 15:00, 15:30, 17:30, 19:00.
by taxi there are usually taxis waiting at the Train Station or the Bus Terminals in Waegwan;
the ride to Naksan(Gasil) Catholic Church costs about 6.000 Won.
by car

leaving the expressway at the Waegwan IC, drive towards Daegu, take a right turn after
500m towards the Waegwan Industrial Zone, drive to the end of the road which is a T-crossing; turn left; 3 minutes later you will arrive at Naksan(Gasil) Catholic Church;
there is a sign on the left side of the street.


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